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Making Dreams Come True

Seeing - believing. That is where my vision of becoming a wedding and event planner began.  Through the inspiration and fulfillment of my own personal experience – I began my journey in this very unique environment we call Las Vegas, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. A journey that has allowed me to inspire and help hundreds create and define their own special moments. Entering into the Las Vegas wedding and event industry was such an accomplishment for me. I was able to bring so much joy to many wedding couples around the world. Having had the opportunity to work with many great people and events has truly been inspiring.


For the past 15+  years I have had the honor and privilege of helping individuals, families, associations and companies create and design their own dream wedding, a special family moment, that 25th reunion or corporate event. Having an event isn't just about the guests, it is about the story you will tell with presentation. I have always believed that when your event is finished, your guests should leave enchanted, with you knowing you left a lasting impression for them.

I truly enjoy seeing a well planned and executed event. The ability to capture a vision and bring it to life has been a true testament to my success as a wedding and event planner. Are you ready to create that special moment?

Bri Absher
Event Planner & Designer

Accomplishments & Affiliations

2023- DSA of Nevada

2023-LVHA- Las Vegas Hospitality Association

2023- Vegas Wedding Chamber- Membership Director

2018- NACE (National Association for Catering and Event)

2016-2018- Refuge for Women Las Vegas

2016-2018- Refuge For Women Topgolf Fundraiser 

2016 - Danny Gokey Benefit Concert 

2015- Wedding Wire 

 2015- Wish Upon a Wedding

2013 - Designed and Planned (TLC) Sister wives Commitment Celebration

2012 - Las Vegas Awards- nominated “Best Independent Wedding Planner”

2011- Assisted with Red Frog Event for the Great Urban Race. Our chapel assisted in the wedding clues for the teams

2010- Orchestrated fanilow contest with K- Earth 101 (Los Angeles) for 20 couples to be married at the same time with tickets to show with Barry Manilow along with meet and greet after. 2009

2009-Successfully assisted in the wedding of Mike Tyson

2008- Las Vegas Wedding Halloween Fundraiser for Shade Tree- Our Company organized shelter fundraiser from catering, entertainment, silent auction.

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